a sweet surprise.

Lee Angel chain link bracelet.  

Stopped by my babcia's yesterday for some quality and much needed family time.  It's been forever since we all got together.  Amidst crazy political convos, good humor and grandmas traditional homemade spirits, bonding: aunts, uncles, cousins and all was a success!  Little did I know, upon my arrival I would receive the sweetest gift ever: these adorable slippers hand knitted by my awesome aunt, "Ciocia Mery".  Ecstatic is an understatement, I'm completely obsessed with these insanely comfy yet super chic pantofle.  Pop some rubber soles on the bottoms of these babies and you got the new generation of toms... 
And the color combo- love, love, love!

Celebrated Mother's Day with the best, most beautiful mama ever! She's my sole inspiration. Without her love, support and ultimately her poise, elegance and incredible style, I would be no where close to where I am today.  I love you mom.  (picture soon to come!)


  1. Tenks Ciocia MERY!!! :D Super cute!!!

  2. Dandelions are also my fave! I even have a tattoo of one!

    <3 P

    Cupcaking Around!