INSTA bliss

I can't even begin to fathom the amount of time that's been withheld in my adventures of blogging.  Accordingly, I've taken my images of inspiration to a rather faster and more efficient way of posting... ... instagram

In an attempt to continue my love to inspire you, I'd love for all of you to follow @generationbliss and @elamariie for updates on what galvanizes and infuses my soul for the next big things.  

Nonetheless, stay tuned for a continued quest in my journey of blogging.  I promise nothing but exciting and inspiring posts in the near future.  

A warm and special thank you to my fans...
it's your constant interest and appreciation that's so refreshing and motivating!

From the photos above and what I'm loving NOW:

layers and layers of gems and jewels from head to toe
dress it up, dress it down beanies
Marant Wila high tops for chill...
...pointy Valentino stilettos for fun
bright dresses 
pencil skirts, flowy skirts
distressed. prints. solids. leather. denim.
blazers: white! 
fur, fur, fur
black on black on black!