when opposites attract.

zara sweats and heels. h&m sweater. nike high top. urban outfitters belt. pashmina scarf.

Sweatpants and heels/dress suit and sneakers...

that's what's up :)


blacked out with a

gucci belt

zara trouser.  vince tee.  wilfred hat.



the row skirt.  free people sweater.  zara bootie.  deux lux clutch.

photos by Ilona

Fifty degrees in February? I'll take it! 

Prancing around the forest right outside my home inspired the title for this post, as a family of three [deer] nibbled quietly amongst the trees.  The sudden "ah's!" and "aw's" frightened them away, thus eliminating the opportunity to capture a photo of proof.  No worries, for their return is almost constant as is their daily sweet meals of danish and apples.
Aside from such intriguing creatures, this skirt defines perfection in the most effortless way- clean silhouette paired with a rad color adds up to nothing more than simply, classic.  
Adore the color-block concept of the booties-black suede against bordeaux leather with a hint of neutral print.  Even more so treasuring the chains of the clutch- both binding and protecting as the glistening tassels add a practically utopian touch.   

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Big love and thanks in advance.