When in Praha

Czech it out... ;)

Tourists by day, celebrating life through the night ultimately sums up our getaway to a masterful place called Prague.  My sister and I decided to fly to the heart of Eastern Europe to visit our brother, who's been working an internship throughout June.  From ancient castles, cappuccinos, and climbing towers to the astronomical clock, John Lennon's wall, and one stop shops we've become acquainted and familiarized with yet another wonderful country in this world.

Every day ensembles were pretty much a simple foundation of crisp black and clean white.  To offset that, the chosen focus was an array of statement necklaces: some vintage, some generation bliss, and one perfume potion bottle, as I like to call it.  Ultimately, leading to a magnificent catastrophe around one's neck.  Kind of like, wear every necklace you own type deal?! Yes.  My new favorite purchase included mirrored Ray Ban sunnies that add killer kick to make any streetwear totally epic.

Most importantly, live happily.