photo diary of euro trippin'

It's been a journey for sure...Traveling, we've come to witness and experience life and culture; making new friends, consuming the beauty, creating memories that will last a lifetime.  Words alone cannot fully describe, we will never re-live those exact times, but snapshots can depict that thousand times more...

From coffee houses and canal street bike routes to infamous kebab stands and the Eiffel Tower.  We journeyed by train and crashed in hostels.  Straight juked to house beats played by the most amazing DJs, surrounded by thousands from across the globe, losing ourselves in places so new.  Encountering the unknown all the while being with friends most familiar.  It's Poland that brought us even closer to home...

Amsterdam.  Paris.  Belgium.  Poland.  Tomorrowland 2012.

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  1. you should write more~ thanks for sharing this, I can feel through your words what this trip did for you...and that's what life is really all about not the outcome but the journey. too many more adventures!