the red effect.

Eskander sweater. Topshop slacks. Prada necklace.

Up at 8 a.m. and rushing for work, wanted to snap some quick shots of this amazing necklace, not realizing the iris was set all wrong.  Apologizing in advance for the over-exposed pics but in a way  there's more of a focus on the bordeaux- a color I can't get enough of!  Whether it's a scarf, skirt, slacks, snood, nail polish (the list can go on) it seems this color somehow makes its way into my life almost on a daily basis.  Don't be surprised if my next couple of posts incorporate the spectrum of red and all it has to offer.  

 ...Words can not describe the detail and beauty of this necklace.  A piece that sparkles and adds flair- OK maybe two words: simply stunning.  

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