when the wind blows...

...and the flowers bloom

rock&republic jeans. eskander cashmere sweater. vince camuto clogs. hayden harnett clutch.

The scarf is native of Poland, thus fully describing my heritage and entire family!   
My sister swapped it on her class trip from Polish school (yes, polish school, there are four of us and we all had to go).  Though I must say I learned a significant amount about my country and don't ever regret being a part of it.  Some of my family still lives there, reminding me how much I miss my godson :(
Called a chustka goralska or highlander scarf, is usually worn with a traditional highlander outfit.  The detail makes one full aware it's imbedded in tradition and certainly an allotment of culture.  
The clutch is one of my new faves by a designer from Brooklyn, check it out here

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