rocks and rails.

vintage corduroys.  black l.a.m.b. jacket.  urban double-zip hoodie.  forever21 tee.  givenchy cognac bootie. louis vuitton "artsy" bag (added charm).  gucci shades.

A stroll under chicago is much more different than one on Michigan Ave.  Though minus the luxury of high-end retail shops and restaurants, you still feel an appreciation for the underworld.  Blocks of broken concrete, painted graffiti walls, hungry pigeons and flashes of light ultimately send a message of art on its own.  Love my new Givenchy booties I swapped on sale, can't wait to rock them with a floral chiffon spring dress.  For that matter, I can't wait for spring in general!  BTW I have to say these are the most comfortable corduroys I have ever worn.  I picked them up at a vintage shop almost 10 years ago...sometimes you just know when not to get rid of something...

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