accord with acorn...

...and the first sign of spring

marc by marc jacobs cable knit sweater. hue legging. via spiga over-knee boot. gucci bag. 

It's the first day of spring,  strolling through the preserve enjoying the beautiful blazing sun.  Though still cold, you can feel spring's hug as the rays hit your face.  Only, even more so anticipating the warm days that lie ahead.  Still bare: one, maybe two trees bloomed their beautiful greens as the sun baked their fallen pine needles a copper peach.  
Loving this marc jacobs oversized sweater...



rock me red.

helmut lang pant. leath silk shirt. phillip lim leather jacket. lamb wedge.


star light, train bright.

trouve cropped sweater. messeca coraline wedge. balenciaga bag.

for Juhl.

Anya Hindmarch Cooper Tote

Roger Vivier Mikado Flat Bag

Givenchy Nightingale Bag

Mulberry Green Crocodile

I found these bags that are totally trending and super chic! 
1.  Angelina Jolie is sporting the Anya Hindmarch "Cooper" bag. I like the metallic at the bottom- it draws attention, but in a simple way. 
2.  The Roger Vivier bag Katie Holmes is wearing is more sleek.  I love how it falls flat against her back, when it's worn over the shoulder.  
3.  Nightingale by Givenchy: Celebs are crazy over this bag!  It's totally roomy, can be used as a handle or shoulder bag and on top of that, comes in almost any color imaginable! (I'm pretty sure it's big enough to be used as a [diaper bag] for lack of a better or more "discreet" word.
4.  This last bag is by Mulberry.  I love all the styles: truly classic. The bags also come in a variety of colors.  It's one of those you can put away and bring right back-they just won't go out of style.

You can also never, ever go wrong with a Balenciaga. Google image these bags to get an idea for yourself.  Also, try shopstyle.com. Just type the name of the designer or bag in their search engine and it will show you where you can purchase any of the items.  It's actually an amazing site for anything fashion.  Hope you like my picks. Let me know what you decide :)
PS- I absolutely love my hair!


barnyard bound.

eskandar cashmere sweater. nordstrom 'eyelash' cashmere wrap. a&f shorts. stephen dweck turquoise ring. urban outfitters armor plate knuckle ring. swarovski crystal ring. jessica simpson double ring.  sam edelman zoyla bootie. 

As I was organizing my closet this past weekend, I found these jean shorts, evoking some wonderful high school memories.  The Abercrombie jeans turned shorts saved me a few years back at the Dave Matthews concert in Alpine Valley.  The scorching heat made me run around a few thousand parked cars in search of a pair of scissors.  Luckily, a mile away, I was victorious.  I turned the denim pants into a "beat the heat" type short and continued to rock out minus the almost uncomfortable temps.  Aside from this anecdote, I love the shots of the red fence, so simple yet adding the perfect punch.  


inspiration board.

Browsing through photobucket, I came across a few faves from my album.  Totally diggin' the plunge of Kate Moss's dress just as much as the oversized gold studs on MK's leather jacket.  The vintage Polaroid Moss shots make me miss the old-fash photos...I think its time to invest in one.  The best part= the white space to jot a memorable note! 
peace and love.


a secret place.

 akira fringe side bead print top. romeo & juliet couture footed legging.  juicy couture faux fur coat.  aldo wedge.  chain link layered head band.  cara crystal and stud wrap bracelet.  philip stein watch.  blue power beads.  assorted bracelets.