happy christmas

a bit late I know...
 Hope everyone's holiday was filled with peace, love and a touch of "bliss"!

Wearing Donna Karen ensemble


all around crimson

photos by Diego Wilches

It's something I rarely tend to do; that is, sticking to one color throughout.  But in this case, I decided to run it.  I've discovered layering tons of jewels around my neck to be less obnoxious and more so brilliant.  Captivating myself beyond fascination and frankly in a sense, obsessing over it.  I've come up on more thrift store finds...  Elaborate gems piled high to make for that one fancy piece.  The lip I'm wearing is Sephora's no. 2076A.  My sister's quest for the perfect fall lip has finally come to close.  From the tube, it looks nothing near than how it appears on your lips. My advice: buy it immediately and layer it deep! 

Wearing topshop trousers. vince tee. stuart weiztman booties. helmut lang crop jacket.


when the leaves fall down

and the clime cools

zara leather skirt.  vince sweater. topshop high tops.

There's no denying it's the greatest season... change of color, oversize sweaters, scarves and well, let's face it...the sole purpose of layering.  I'm digging these high tops more than anything at the moment.  Not the Isabel Marant's I've been dreaming of since, forever...but the mere trace of resemblance works for me.  Especially paired with up-a-notch basics; it plays that effortless cool I oh so much adore. 


photo diary of euro trippin'

It's been a journey for sure...Traveling, we've come to witness and experience life and culture; making new friends, consuming the beauty, creating memories that will last a lifetime.  Words alone cannot fully describe, we will never re-live those exact times, but snapshots can depict that thousand times more...

From coffee houses and canal street bike routes to infamous kebab stands and the Eiffel Tower.  We journeyed by train and crashed in hostels.  Straight juked to house beats played by the most amazing DJs, surrounded by thousands from across the globe, losing ourselves in places so new.  Encountering the unknown all the while being with friends most familiar.  It's Poland that brought us even closer to home...

Amsterdam.  Paris.  Belgium.  Poland.  Tomorrowland 2012.


green with envy

white donna karen tank. vince tee. generation bliss clutch. alexander wang wedge.

It's those simple, effortless, "lets not think too much into it" pieces that have me on whim lately.  Must also be the freakishly hot temperatures that make you want to wear nothing more than easy and breezy.  I've been on a kick for dresses but can't find any that suit my invented standards.  It's somehow, sometimes always more manageable to just walk into my mom's closet and discover that  perfect piece. Exhibit A: turning a Donna Karen tank to serve as a slip under an oddly long vince tee.  It's black and white and it works.  As do the Wang wedges...triple straps, yes please!  Of course they're there for fashion purposes, but in some cases those ankle straps can play an important role in saving a life...for instance, blogging atop a rock hill, climbing rails  and suddenly... TRAIN!    

Anyways, check out the green clutch at generationbliss.com

...as well as new chan luu merch that's just to die for ;) 



go with the flow

alexander wang blouse. zara shorts and sandals.

Easy and breezy,  summertime calls for the most effortless silhouettes in the most comfortable ways.  Nothing like throwing a sheer, asymmetrical blouse over a pair of rugged jean shorts.  In love with these flats I scooped up at Zara.  Amazing for the fact that the studded design gives an almost exact manifestation to that of Valentino.  Look of lux at an affordable price is never a bad thing.