all around crimson

photos by Diego Wilches

It's something I rarely tend to do; that is, sticking to one color throughout.  But in this case, I decided to run it.  I've discovered layering tons of jewels around my neck to be less obnoxious and more so brilliant.  Captivating myself beyond fascination and frankly in a sense, obsessing over it.  I've come up on more thrift store finds...  Elaborate gems piled high to make for that one fancy piece.  The lip I'm wearing is Sephora's no. 2076A.  My sister's quest for the perfect fall lip has finally come to close.  From the tube, it looks nothing near than how it appears on your lips. My advice: buy it immediately and layer it deep! 

Wearing topshop trousers. vince tee. stuart weiztman booties. helmut lang crop jacket.