a bouquet of Moncler

Moncler jacket here Donni Charm scarf here 

There's really no better way to welcome winter's first snowfall than in a bomb jacket.
You would imagine florals are strictly a print spotted in warmer climates, precisely climates set in Spring. But this jacket begs to differ and somehow, it works. Like really works.
It's a special thing that happens sometimes.
Trust me when I say it's as light as a feather, literally and at the same time, it keeps you insanely warm.  I can only think of one word to describe it: royal. It defines perfection for a winter in Chicago.  


it is what it is

...or is it?

A moment so fast- life, so precious in time, it’s rather easy to overlook the simplicity in essence.

Caught up living so entwined within ourselves, our priorities, our work, our lives.  The vast majority of us almost seem to be living in a bubble, one of which particularly is on a level that is insusceptible to bursting and often times blind to the beauty of its surroundings.

Life becomes comfortable.  It’s what we want- that comfort, a sense of home, belonging.  And though this, by no means is wrong, it’s moments when we break free of routine that allow us to completely venture off to the unknown, ultimately filling a void that has yet to even be recognized until it is fulfilled. 

In a rather unpretentious place encompassed by nothing more than the glistening drops of the Mediterranean Sea, lies a fascinating small town called Sète... a swirl of constant movement, the streets, ports and canals are filled with life- sea life.  The sea, one with humanity, whose very essence cannot be overlooked. Peaceful and gleaming or turbulent and raging, the very emotions within all. 

If there's one thing I've learned, it's the little things we sometimes forget to appreciate, forget to enjoy... [such as] a meal.  Taking time to fully taste, savor, relish every bite, every sip, can make your munch that much more. 
From beaches, harbors, street lined palm trees and breathtaking sunsets, to cruising coasts, getting lost wandering random roads and standing on what feels like the top of the world, one can truly imagine, or better yet, acknowledge and understand the magnificence of the world around us,
within us. 

One thing I know for certain, nothing enhances your life more than travel… if an opportunity arises, don’t let it pass you by.  If it doesn’t, make a plan and set free.  That day will make you better. 

Sète, France
I miss you


When in Praha

Czech it out... ;)

Tourists by day, celebrating life through the night ultimately sums up our getaway to a masterful place called Prague.  My sister and I decided to fly to the heart of Eastern Europe to visit our brother, who's been working an internship throughout June.  From ancient castles, cappuccinos, and climbing towers to the astronomical clock, John Lennon's wall, and one stop shops we've become acquainted and familiarized with yet another wonderful country in this world.

Every day ensembles were pretty much a simple foundation of crisp black and clean white.  To offset that, the chosen focus was an array of statement necklaces: some vintage, some generation bliss, and one perfume potion bottle, as I like to call it.  Ultimately, leading to a magnificent catastrophe around one's neck.  Kind of like, wear every necklace you own type deal?! Yes.  My new favorite purchase included mirrored Ray Ban sunnies that add killer kick to make any streetwear totally epic.

Most importantly, live happily.